Flyboards Radical 4

Es ist endlich soweit und wir bekommen die ersten Radical4 by Flyboards zu Gesicht. Das Radical soll an die Erfolge seiner Vorgänger anschließen und soll mit gutem Pop und ausgeglichenen Fahreigenschaften aufwarten. Dass das Board so einiges drauf hat, sowie die Teamrider bei Flysurfer zeigt das folgende Video.

Weiter sehr interessant ist die Vorstellung, die Peter von boardway gemacht hat, wenn er sich die neuen Radicals mal genauer angeschaut hat.

The Flysurfer kiteboarding team travelled down to a beautiful lake close to the French Atlantic coast, packed with the newest Speed3 Deluxe Coloured Edition kites and the complete line of new Radical4 freestyle boards from Flyboards.

The new Radical4 lives up to its name. Even sportier than its predecessor, the Radical4 is available on the market in four sizes. The Flyboards-Development team surrounding Andreas Hanrieder and Eddy Lansink did an excellent job, optimizing the Radical4 in practically all regards over its older brother.

Radical4 Features Overview:
– New combined Wood-Foam Core
– Torsion Fibre Layers
– Heelside Channel
– Tucked-under Edge
– Additional Grabrails
– UV and scratch-resistant Deck Coating
– Ergonomic Toeside Outline
– Wider Insert Positions
– Lace Strap-System
– 20% weight reduction
– Made in the EU
More information:

Shot, cut & edit: WOOProductions
Music: Blood Theme – Data

There is an interesting review of the new Radicals done by a German kiteschool boardway that checked the new boards out.