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Nachdem die Kitesurfer wegen Flaute am gestrigen Samstag relaxen konnten, werden heute die ersten Heats des PKRA World Tour Stops in St. Peter-Ording im Racing durchgeführt. Unter den insgesamt 47 Kitesurfern starten 23 Deutsche in die Rennen. Mit in St. Peter-Ording dabei sind der zur Zeit beste deutsche Racer Dirk Hanel, Mario Rodwalds Vater Roy und Kristin Boese.

Dirk Hanel steht momentan auf Rang 43 der PKRA-Weltrangliste. Da er bei den letzten drei Race-Contests nicht teilgenommen hat, beim Tour-Stopp in den Niederlanden aber einen guten zehnten Platz belegte, birgt die aktuelle Position noch viel Potenzial nach oben.

Bei Mario Rodwald liegt die Leidenschaft für das Kitesurfen in der Familie, denn auch der Vater des Freestyle-Asses geht beim Beetle Kitesurf World Cup an den Start. Im Racing tritt er im Teilnehmerfeld der Männer gegen 40 weitere Drachenflieger aus über zehn Nationen an. Der derzeit Führende des Rankings, Bryan Lake aus den USA, ist ebenfalls am Ordinger Strand dabei und wird seine Position natürlich vehement verteidigen wollen. Bei den Frauen starten insgesamt vier deutsche Teilnehmerinnen. Darunter finden sich große Namen wie die neunfache Weltmeisterin Kristin Boese.

Wir behalten die deutschen Rider im Auge und berichten über die Ergebnisse. Die Heat Orders könnt ihr euch schon einmal hier anschauen. kitesurfworldcup.deThe Beetle Kitesurf World Cup carried on today with no wind and a sense of brief relaxation matched with anticipation, as riders prepared for a full 8 days of competition ahead. According to the forecasts, good wind will be present for the majority, if not for the entire event. Considering this, today proved to be a day of mental and logistical preparation. Racing participants made sure that their gear was properly registered, while freestyle riders could be seen scattered throughout the gigantic event site, catching up with old friends and enjoying the warm, (mostly) sunny day. Riders also discussed the rules of the new Airstyle discipline and how it should best be utilized to help progress the sport.
Truly unique to this event is the scale at which all vendors and sponsors are arranged. To refer to the beach here at St. Peter-Ording as an “event site” doesn’t quite do it justice – a “small village” would in fact be more fitting. Lining the outer edges of the village, kite and surf companies display their gear and play host to lounging and relaxation, while food carts, clothing companies, and DJ booths make up a large portion of the area as well. With a sizeable dance floor, skate ramp, climbing wall, numerous tents, and special VIP sections, the spectators and riders had no problem entertaining themselves throughout the day. In anticipation of the coming days, German competitor Mario Rodwald commented that this event is always a great time, saying “It’s a lot of work, but tons of fun as well. Many of my friends come, and whether it’s windy or not, it’s nice to be here”. He went on to explain that he often comes to St. Peter-Ording when he’s home and really enjoys the conditions here. Gisela Pulido (ESP) also revealed “This is probably my favorite event of the year. Usually I am in my own zone when I compete, so it’s nice to come here with more time and be able to hang out a little with friends and compete with so many riders.”

Tomorrow, riders will arrive to the beach at 10am for the first skipper’s meeting of the day. Wind is expected to range from 9-20 knots in the southeast direction. If lighter, racing may prove to be the focus for the day, while Monday will likely stand out as the ideal opportunity for freestyle trials to take place.