FLYSURFER brings the ultimate RACE machine!


Flysurfer has always been performance-oriented… with the SONIC-FR (= Full Race) we will bring a highly tuned racing machine for the ambitious and expert racers to the starting lines. If you have plans for 2015 to compete or set new personal speed/gps records on land, water or snow, soon we will have exactly the right tool for you!

A little scoop on some of the SONIC-FR features:
.. Ultra-high-performance foil with 3D shaped profile, characterized by extreme performance and hangtime.
.. Control, Performance and maximum Efficiency.
.. Advanced RibCell Technology
.. Racebar setup with exclusive „low-drag” bridle- and flying lines, creating less drag, while retaining high breaking loads of the lines.

Sizing: 11m2 / 15m2 / 18m2 with IKA approval

SONIC-FR-2We are currently in pre-production phase … i.e, in the coming weeks the SONIC-FR will be tested in various snowkite competitions and is being put through its paces by our team riders. The SONIC-FR is due for release in the spring of 2015 and will be available at trusted Flysurfer dealers.

Stay tuned for more news, pics & info!