Mario Rodwald joins GA Kites for 2015

10952123_829996783729214_3380183552788984724_nMario Rodwald joins GA Kites for 2015! Gaastra Kiteboarding are pleased to welcome the 3x reigning European champion, 8x German champion and one of the best kiting freestylers in the world. Beside his world class kite performance, Mario will be an integral part of the R&D team at the Gaastra kite division. At only 23 years old, Mario has a big future ahead of him and we are delighted to have him on board sharing his enthusiasm and passion with us. We have some exciting new developments planned with our kitesurfing division and are expanding our R&D Team for 2015, and this begins with signature of Mario Rodwald.

The whole Gaastra kiteboarding team is looking forward to a successful future with Mario and we wish him all the best for the upcoming season!” MARIO RODWALD: „I AM GAASTRA“ (KITE Magazine, Issue 1) „This is one of the biggest decisions of my life, maybe the biggest. One of my first professional kite experiences I made in 2003 was with the best kite at that time – the ‚Gaastra GXR‘. You can hardly explain the feeling when you are doing your first tricks in a competition but at the moment I feel a little bit like back to the past. I am happy as hell that I get the chance to put all my experience in the new project and being part of the internationally well constituted team My Job is not only to win competitions with Gaastra Kites but I will also put all my experience into all Gaastra kite range products and will help the team with MARKETING, PRODUCTION and SALES which work hand in hand as a perfect combination. I can hardly wait to present everybody out there on what we are working on.” KITE HEAD DESIGNER URS HUNGERBÜHLER: “A kite brand lives and dies with the team behind it. It took time to recruit the perfect people for the right jobs, but we are now in amazing position to move the Gaastra kite brand to the next level. It’s unbelievable what´s possible when all parts fit together and always begins with new and fresh innovative ideas. We have access to all new high end materials, and with one of the best production lines in the industry we can now strive to produce the best possible products on the market. The team behind testing these new ideas and giving the right feedback will be essential to creating the perfect product. So i’m very happy to welcome Mario to the team and we’re all very excited with the direction we are now heading and with the new products we will be soon releasing.”