Wake- und Parkstyle in Brasilien

Es gibt sie noch, die wirklich leeren Lagunen in Brasiliens windigem Nordosten. Annelous Lammerts und Alex Maes mit einer Wake- und Parkstyle-Einlage deluxe!

Kite Mansion part – Alex & Lous

🎥 Here our new edit that we filmed Kite Mansion Tremembe this winter! We had so much fun and every year we are adding more things to our little shred paradise. 🌴Defenitely a good challenge to film a part when you have to deal with the tides, changing wind directions, moving freaking heavy rails with a small crew and even rails going missing! But thanks to the Kite Mansion crew we made happen; Alex Maes, Alexander James Lewis-Hughes, Karolina Winkowska, Nico Kite, Sam Gaillard, Antonio Lidio and Idinaldo Popop! 🖤🇧🇷.Hope you enjoy this 3 minute video with our best action and don’t scroll to fast or you will miss the last banger from Alex Maes!! #NBDFilmed by: Alex Maes, Alexander James Lewis-Hughes, Annelous LammertsCabrinha & Brunotti Music: Minds – Cushy

Gepostet von Annelous Lammerts am Donnerstag, 24. Januar 2019