Die Nano Rod Technologie von Airush

Airush Kiteboarding Product Designer, Dean Freedberg is no stranger to pushing the boundaries of product design. Taking inspiration and his passion for board riding and design, Dean has been able to develop the Nano Rod Technology featured on selected Twintips like the Livewire, Livewire Team, Apex Team and Diamond Team.

We cornered Dean to give us an in-depth look at the Nano Rod Technology and the benefits it adds to the new Airush Twintip range.

AK – Where did Airush’s Nano Rod Technology come from? 

DF – We constantly strive to increase the kiteboards durability, torsional response and a refined flex pattern. After a lot of research and testing we developed a construction to fulfill our ideals. Inserting pultruded carbon fiber Nano Rods into the wood core of the board wouldresult in a more durable board while maximizing the boards torsional flex and response.


AK – Why carbon and not other materials? 

DF – Carbon fiber is a lightweight material and has incredible strength for its weight. It responds best under tension, this is where it’s response characteristics are seen. The carbon Nano Rods are manufactured in a high-temperature environment under tension. This makes the carbon fiber component the ultimate material for strength and flex response when riding.


AK – What is instantly noticeable when riding a board with Nano Rod Technology vs. without Nano Rod Technology?

DF – The pop and overall response are far superior in a board with Nano Rod Technology, the board has extra tension and force dispersion built into the core.

AK – Are there any complications in manufacture with the Nano Rod Technology?

DF –  This is a relatively technical and complex process to execute. Placing the carbon Nano Rods into the core with the correct orientation to connect the binding position with the tips of the board makes this technology unique. We also avoid making any hard points in the vital areas of the board, to achieve a board that works smoothly with the added components.


AK – What is the significance of the bowed shape of the Nano Rod Technology? 

DF – The Nano Rod is built in the arc formation due to the torsional benefit. This allows the board to have added stiffness and control between the riders feet and torsional response and pop where you need it in the tips.

AK – Does the difference in the flex of the wood and Nano Rods affect the feeling?

DF – The Nano Rods’ material is stiffer and stronger than the rest of the core. A large issue with the wood cores is the structural irregularity found in natural materials. This causes issues such as core sheering and other surface failures leading the boards to break. The Nano Rods do not have these problems, and the sheer strength of the Nano Rod is substantially stronger than wood. The Nano Rods are able to hold more energy/force than the wood core, therefore, a lot of the impact is dispersed through the wood into the Nano Rods, allowing for a longer lasting, stronger board.


AK – What is the difference in weight between a board with and without Nano Rod Technology?

DF – Riders won’t find a difference in weight between an Airush board with or without the Nano Rod Technology of identical design and shape.

Weitere Infos zu den neuen Produkten von Airush gibt es unter www.airush.com